domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


Dear friends who are so fond of bobbin-lace ,

From the “Encajeras con Duende” Bobbin-lace makers Association ,we would like to invite you to take part in the 6th International “Villa de Gijón” bobbin lace makers Meeting which will be held on Saturday , 19th June 2010 in Gijón , this Asturian city on the northern coast of Spain, which is looking forward to hosting this event with the same enthusiasm as in previous years .
As you already know, this is much more than just a meeting of bobbin lace makers. It is an extraordinary chance for a large group of friends to meet and exchange ideas, experiences as well as sharing our friendship around our bobbin lace making tools.
Due to this, the team of organizers of our Association has made a great effort to be able to offer you a wide activity programme that this year will have as guests the following internationally well-known lace teachers from several European countries:
Ms Iva Proskova ( Czech Republic )
Ms Jana Novak ( Denmark)
Ms Rosalba Niccoli ( Italy)
Ms Graziela Moglia (Italy)
Ms Christiane Aufrere ( France)
Ms Françoise Huve ( France)

All of them will tell us about their lace making techniques and the development of lace making with bobbins in their own countries.
We also invite you to see the exhibition (set up with the help of the students of Architecture Sonia Cuadra and David Prada ) of the bobbin lace work made by the members of our Association with others made by “Dibujos y Encajes Manzano” from Almagro ( Spain ), who have collaborated with our project.
The lace work made by the guest teachers will also be part of the exhibition.
The participants and their companions will all be able to visit different stalls where materials, lace works, books, accessories and lace tools brought from the different European countries represented in the meeting will be on display.
On Friday 18th June , the day before the meeting, we invite you to discover the best features of this city and to find out why it is called (as in the advertising slogan) “Gijón with a pinch of salt” : an innovative , nice , hospitable city “. After the guided city tour ,you will have the chance to taste some traditional Asturian products, including our regional drink, cider ( “sidra”).
We would love you to take part in this meeting and we would be glad to have your support as in previous years. We also hope that we can have a great time together that day.
Best regards
Estrella Pérez
( President of the “ Encajeras con Duende” bobbin lace makers Association )
Information for applications on the website

10:00 Reception of the meeting participants and beginning of the bobbin lace works
12:00 Welcome speech by the President of the "Encajeras con Duende" Association and the local authorities.
* Opening of the exhibition.
* Video conferences.
14:00 Lunch break
16:00 Resumption of the meeting.
18:30 Award of the winning numbers in the raffle.
19:00 hand the Handmade commemorative souvenir of this event.
19:30 Thank-you and farewell speech by the godmother (HONORIFIC PRESIDENT) of our
lace makers association
The meeting will take place in the "Recinto Ferial de Gijón" (Trade fair grounds) in Paseo del Dr. Fleming (Gijón)
GPS COORDINATES : 43.53809 - 5.639133